Package org.jreform

Main package that defines public api.


Interface Summary
Checkbox<T> A checkbox with a single value.
Criterion<T> A criterion that can evaluate to true or false.
Form A form containing inputs and optionally input groups.
Group A group of inputs within a form.
Input<T> An input that has only a single value.
InputControl<T> Defines an input control in an html form.
InputDataType<T> Represents the type of an input field's data.
MessageOnError A description of an object's invalid state.
MultiCheckbox<T> A checkbox that supports multiple values.
MultiInput<T> An input that can have multiple values.
MultiSelect<T> A select that supports multiple selections.
Radio<T> A radio button.
Select<T> A select that supports only one selection.

Class Summary
HtmlForm This is a base class that should be extended to create a form.

Enum Summary
CheckableState Represents the state of a checkable input: checked / unchecked.
SelectableState Represents the state of a selectable input: selected / unselected.

Exception Summary
DuplicateNameException Thrown when a group or an input with duplicate name is added to a form.

Package org.jreform Description

Main package that defines public api.

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